Rowan Atkinson Live – Star of Mr.Bean – Funny invi…

In this hilarious clip Rowan bumps into something seemingly innocuous while sweeping the stage. This world famous clip sees him play an invisible drum kit.

Whether mesmerising us with the sheer visual mastery of Mr. Bean, beguiling us with the acerbic wit of Edmund Blackadder, or simply entertaining us as the suave, but rather hapless British Secret Agent Johnny English, you surely won’t have escaped the comic genius that is Rowan Atkinson.

In Rowan Atkinson Live, co-written with Richard Curtis (4 Weddings & a Funeral, Notting Hill, Love Actually) and Ben Elton, Atkinson runs the whole gamut of his remarkably versatile 30 year career, with sketches, mimes and monologue’s that are guaranteed to have you shedding tears of laughter. Performing live on stage alongside “straight man” Angus Deayton, the show features a number of original and familiar routines, including sketches that appeared in the original Mr. Bean series.


Family Guy – Bag of Weed [Original Video]

I didn’t find a good version of this song, so I made one:) Enjoy:)

Now everybody gather round and listen if you would
When I tell you every person needs a way of feeling good
Every kitty needs a ball of string and every dog a stick

But all you need is a bag of weed to really get a kick!
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
A bag of weed, a bag of weed
Oh everything is better with a bag of weed
It’s the only hope that you’ll ever need
Cuz’ everything is better with a bag of weed

There you go, you’re all getting it now

When Texas people want to feel good
They go assault a queer
When stupid people need a thrill,
They rent the Rocketeer
When Michael Jackson needs a rush,
He humps a guy like me
But all we need is a bag of weed,
To keep us worry free

One, two, three OH!
A bag of weed, a bag of weed
Oh everything is better with a bag of weed
Oh you don’t meth and you don’t need speed
Cuz’ everything is better with a bag of weed

Have a go, Brian!

As Mr. H.L Mencken said, “The common man’s a fool.”
And just like Helen Keller said, “Doof stoo gee nay foo tool.”
But try and use your heads and don’t buy into all the fear.
‘Cuz all we need is a bag of weed
To make is wanna cheer!

And one, two!
A bag of weed, a bag of weed
Oh everything is better with a bag of weed
You can try and fight but we’re all agreed
Because everything is better with a bag of weed

And One, two, three, four,And a five,And a six,And a seven! HO!!
A bag of weed, a bag of weed
Oh everything is better with a bag of weed
You’re a happy guy but you can’t proceed
Because everything is better with a Bag….Of…Weed!


University of Greenwich (UK) – Overview
The University of Greenwich traces its roots to 1890, and has a diverse student community of 26,000 drawn from more than 140 countries. Based across three campuses — Greenwich, Avery Hill and Medway — the university offers over 1,200 programmes and is recognised for its world-class research. We even boast a Nobel Prize winner among our alumni.

For a taste of student life, and to find out more, visit


“Summer Nights” – Iration NEW track for Summer 201…

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Our new song “Summer Nights” is now posted on all of our media sites including and here on Facebook. This song is our homage to an average summer day in the life of an Irator. We’ve gone back to our roots musically to please our early fans as well as all of our new fans. Enjoy!


Original Kids Summer Song By ELF Learning – ELF Ki…

A song and video about summer for kids. What do we do in the summer?

Download free karaoke tracks from ELF at ELF Learning creates learning materials for kids all over the world. Based in Japan, we publish books, CDs, DVDs and of course…learning videos!

Our videos are designed for children ages 2~10 and cover a wide range of topics.

Our song videos are a mix of original and classic children’s songs. We try hard to add the ELF touch – clear vocals, different genres and lots of cool instruments.

Our learning videos cover vocabulary, phrases and patterns perfect for the ESL and EFL classroom.

Many of our videos work well with special needs children, especially those with Autistic Disorder, Speech and Language Impairments and Speech, Reading and Learning Disabilities. We often receive emails from parents thanking us for helping their child learn to speak or read and each time it makes our day!

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