Funniest Leadership Speech ever!

LEADERSHIP VA class of 2008 soapbox
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Charlie Brown Christmas Segment – Snoopy Dancing

Again, going through some old videos when I came across Charlie Brown’s Christmas (a classic in my book). I decided to watch the whole thing lol…since I was a kid, my favorite part was when Schroeder was playing a song on the piano and Snoopy started dancing to it…I dunno why but I always found that part hilarious. Why did they get mad at him?

Anyway, here is that part…enjoy.

Also thanks to UMLinus101 for allowing me to post this video.


Rolled up magazine self defense

A clip from “HODA KOROSU – THE ART OF IMPROVISED WEAPONRY” as Demonstrated by Professor Ronald Duncan: which can be found here:
Video was originally shot in the mid 1990’s so it is rather dated but still an excellent demonstration of improvised weaponry.
Used with permission from Ronald Duncan .and ESPY-TV


Six functional agricultural machine

You can replace some part of the body compartment, and the following functions can be done with single-phase motors.The six functional as following: rice grinding(separating the Rice and Bran automatically);corn shelling; rice and wheat shelling; chopped green fodder; locus line,potato,sweet potato milling and grinding; wheat,corn,cereals,dry feed smashing.